Introducing the NEW RTA Mobile App

*Available to existing Hosted SQL and SaaS clients

Review the Set-Up Instructions for our Mobile and Web Apps, and then download RTA Mobile below.  

Access RTA's Dashboards and Parts from your mobile device:


Works with your pre-existing dashboards to provide you with instant measurable analytics.

Adjust Parts

Get all the functionality of the standard parts adjustment process in a convenient hand-held device.

Scan Parts

Scan a part by simply selecting the scan button and using your phone/tablet's integrated camera to scan the barcode. 

And More

Add Part Tags to the part tag queue, add a vendor cross reference to your part, and edit bin locations for the part.

Parts Inventory made easy.

Not in front of your computer? No problem. Manage your Parts directly from your phone or tablet.

Dashboards. Get Instant Insight.

As you navigate each pre-existing dashboard that you've created in RTA, data is queried in real time.